Why Taiwan?


In 2011 Taiwan was Australia’s fifth largest export market (ahead of the USA) and during 2010-2011 Australia's exports to Taiwan grew 33 per cent to A$9.1 billion.

Supporting Australian Business in Taiwan


For more than a quarter of a century, the ATBC has played a leading role in fostering business and other relations with Taiwan.  The ATBC understands Taiwan and Australia-Taiwan business – the opportunities and rewards – better than any other organisation.


What the ATBC offers members:


The right connections

As a result of three decades of dedication, the ATBC has unrivalled access in Taiwan.  The ATBC enjoys close relations with leaders across all industry sectors – as well as excellent connections at the most senior levels of the island’s public sector.  The ATBC’s links with the Taiwan business community in Australia, China and other countries are close and productive.

Business advice and opportunities

The ATBC is proud of its record in anticipating and identifying business trends and opportunities.  Members benefit from regular analysis and reporting and members and other Australian companies take advantage of commissioned ATBC research and consulting services.

Advocacy and influence

The voice of the ATBC is heard - and heeded - in high places.

The ATBC places a high value on teamwork with Australian and Taiwan governments, making submissions and representations on behalf of members and the wider business community on broad trade and investment issues as well as the interests and concerns of individual member companies.

A record of achievement

Highlights include:

  • Helping to obtain licences for Australian banks in Taiwan and Taiwan financial institutions in Australia
  • Leading negotiations on direct air links between Australia and Taiwan
  • Hosting many visits to Australia by Taiwan business and political leaders
  • Organising annual ‘Joint Conferences’ of Australian and Taiwan business leaders – the premier events in Australia-Taiwan relations
  • Promoting investment in Australian resources by Taiwan state-owned enterprises
  • Fostering collaboration between mainstream Australian business and Taiwan business communities in Australia and China


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